Indian Classical Music by Raga

12 responses to “Indian Classical Music by Raga

  1. sir thanks for your service to music lovers . may i please have permission to print in book form and make it available for sale . compiled from 9with the website name)

    • Thank you for your comment. No, I am sorry but I cannot give you permission to print or sell anything from this site. I intend this to be a free resource for fellow music lovers and wish to make no profit from this absolutely, neither me nor anyone else. You are welcome to forward this link to anyone who will be interested in the information.
      Cheers. Suja

  2. Dilip Kumar B V

    I need an mp3 version of the Jagadodharana song…i like to listen to it on my way to office daily. Is it possible to download ?


  3. Dilip Kumar B V

    Hi Suja, thank you very much. the link was very helpful. Cheers Dilip

  4. why many ragas are missed out? Say Manji,Shadvidamargini,Harikambhoji,Bindumalini,…….etc

    • I choose songs which appeal to me at the moment of writing, whatever Raga they happen to be. So of course some ragas get featured more than once, others are missed out. Hopefully over time I’ll come to the ragas I haven’t featured as yet!
      Cheers. Suja

  5. Hi, Vanakkam!
    I am trying hard to get the notes-swaras for the song ‘singara velane’ (sung by Mdm S Janagi, FIlm-Konjum Salangai). I believe it is in raga Abheri.
    Appreciate your assistance very much. mikka nandri!

    • Vanakkam! I am sorry but I am not a musician and do not have access to the notes-swaras, It is hard to get such info online, isn’t it! Good luck!
      Cheers. Suja

  6. Shreyas

    Can you post more TMK songs? Eg. in Isamanohari, Amritavarsini, Darbar, if you have them. (Of course non-commercial, I have most of his commercial albums)

    • Shreyas, this is not a music sharing site! And no, I do not have an Isamanohari by him; I do not have many non-commercial recordings, just a few. But I will keep your request in mind so that if in future I post a song which happens to be in my non-commercial recording collection, I will include it in the post. Thank you for your interest.
      Cheers. Suja

  7. Shreyas

    Ok, Sorry and thanks!

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