Two Thillanas in Misra Shivaranjani

Those who have been following my posts know that I have been haunted by Shivaranjani this week. I am still not ready to move on, so here are two Thillanas in this raga of pathos. These are compositions of two musicians I admire tremendously. For those unfamiliar with Carnatic Music, a Thillana is a form of composition, very rhythmic in nature and well suited to classical dancing.

Lalgudi2Lalgudi Jayaraman (1930) is my first love and probably will remain my last. This is an enchantment which has lasted a lifetime. I strongly believe that his music comes as close to Divine as music can.  I have always imagined his music to be like a channel, a wormhole in spacetime, which allows the listener to travel from this mortal world to other mysterious and heavenly places. Playing concerts from when he was just 12 years old (he is 81 this year), his life has been dedicated to music. He says ‘I am nothing without Music. Even in all my future births I want to be born only as a musican’ (quote).  I pray that I am born wherever he is and get to keep enjoying his music.

SanthanamMaharajapuram Santhanam (1928-1992) was blessed with a voice which would make anyone pause and take note. In the mid-seventies, when he came to Delhi for a concert, he stayed in our friend and neighbour’s home. I remember sitting in their living room, listening to him practice and sing to the family.  He was a man with an impressive girth and a larger-than-life presence. His voice had such resonating force and beauty that it left an indelible impression in me. A truly amazing artist. I remember attending his concert that evening as if it were just yesterday. The magic of his voice lends strength to these memories from long ago.

Both these amazing musicians have composed Thillanas in  Misra Shivaranjani (click here for more on this raga). Today I present you these Thillanas performed by the maestros themselves.

First listen to Lalgudi Jayaraman’s rare recording of a life performance of his own composition with  his son G.J.R.Krishnan, starting from 22:20.

Was that not exquisite? I wept when I heard it first; I still find it heartrendingly beautiful. For the pallavi and its translation, see footnote.

Don’t miss listening to this vocal version by Bombay Jayashri, whose voice, I think, is closest to the lyrical sounds of her Guru’s strings. She is quite outstanding, do listen:

Alternate link : Click here

Now listen to Maharajapuram Santhanam’s performance of his own composition with (I think) his son Maharajapuram Ramachandran.

Alternate link.

Footnote (Lyrics) :

The Lalgudi Thillana has a lyrical pallavi which perfectly mirrors the mood of the raga.

மானைத் தேடி வந்த தேனை உண்டு வள்ளி மானை மணந்த மயில் வாகனா நானோ நின்னை (?நினை?) எண்ணி நாளும் ஏங்கி வாட ஏனோ இன்னும் என்மேல் இந்த பராமுகம்

mAnait-tEDi vanda tEnai uNDu vaLLi mAnai maNanda mayil vAhanA nAnO ninnai (?ninai?) eNNi nALum Engi vADa EnO innum enmEl inda parAmugam

O Rider of the peacock who came searching for a deer, ate some honey and married the deer like Valli! As for me, I languish thinking of you all day, why do you still neglect me?

The Maharajapuram Santhanam Thillana is beautifully rhythmic and the alliteration of ‘va’ in the first line is very pleasing.

வா வேலவா வடி வேலவா மயில் மீது நீ வா குமரா வா வரம் அருள வா தாமதம் ஏன் தயை புரிய தருணம் இது  மகராஜன் பணிந்திடும் மயில் வாகனா

vA vElavA vaDi vElavA mayil mIdu nI vA kumarA vA varam aruLa vA tAmadam En dayai puriya taruNam idu maharAjan paNindiDum mayil vAhanA

Come O spear-holder! One whose spear is sharp! Come on a peacock! O Kumara, come to grant me boons! Why the delay? This is the time to show compassion! O Peacock-rider who who is venerated by Maharajan (signature of poet).  


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9 responses to “Two Thillanas in Misra Shivaranjani

  1. Mani

    Thanks for sharing.. This is an out of the world experience!

  2. Lakshman

    Suja: Do you happen to have the notations for the tillAnA by Santhanam? Thanks.

  3. radha

    can i get the lyrics of this tillana-Shivarankai ragam with swaram

    • Sorry, I don’t have the notation! If you get them somewhere please can you post them here for the reference of my other readers? Thank you!

  4. Subbu

    //நானோ நின்னை (?நினை?) எண்ணி//
    …நானோ நிதம் எண்ணி..

  5. Hi, I am listening to Kruti Bhat sing this thillana remotely. I googled the lyrics and found your appreciation of this composition.

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