Mysore VasudevacharyaWhat imbues certain songs with an incredible sweetness which lingers forever in memory? What makes certain compositions much much more than the sum total of their ‘ingredients’ of notes, words and rhythm? I don’t know but Mysore Vasudevachar (1865-1961) sure did when he composed this beautiful song!

Vasudevachar belonged to the direct line of Tyagaraja’s disciples and therefore of impeccable musical lineage. His gurus were Veena Padmanabhayya of Mysore and Patnam Subramania Iyer of Tiruvaiyaru. He became the asthana vidwan of the Royal Court of Mysore.  Much later in life he joined the faculty of Kalakshetra School of Music and Dance, finally becoming its principal. He composed more than 200 compositions in Telugu and Sanskrit. A list of his compositions is available here.

Brochevarevarura is composed in Telugu in Raga Kamas (click here to read more about this raga). Like so many bhaktas before him, and so many after him, the poet begs of Rama ‘O Sita’s husband, don’t you have regard for me? Can’t you listen to my pleas? Aren’t you Vasudeva who rushed to rescue the king of elephants. Dispel my sins, hold my hand and do not let go’.  As I listen to this beautiful song, I too pray ‘Rama, I have neither beautiful words nor melody, but I plead the same; Please don’t let go of me’ !! See footnote for lyrics and translation.

Today I present an instrumental version of this song by the wonderfully talented Maestro U.Shrinivas (1969) on Mandolin.

For a vocal version, listen to this excerpt from a full concert by the Malladi brothers. I like their voice quality very much indeed.

I cannot finish this post without mentioning Brochevarevarura sung by S.P.Balasubramaniam and Vani Jayaram for the film Shankarabharanam (1979). Somayajulu as the Maestro emotes very convincingly and Manju Bhargavi shows that neither a stage nor expensive clothes and jewellery are needed to dance as our classics are meant to be danced!

Footnote (Lyrics) :

Language: Telugu

As I do not speak Telugu, I have transcribed the song in Devanagari script. The translation is heavily dependent on multiple online sources.

ब्रोचेवारेवरुरा निन्नु विना रघुवरा ननु
नी चरणाम्बुजमुनु ने विडजाल करुणालवाल

ओ चतुराननादि वन्दित नीकु पराकेलनय्या
नी चरितमु पोगड लेनु ना
चिन्त दीर्च्चि वरमुलिच्चि वेगमे

सीतापते नापै नीकभिमानमु लेदा
वातात्मजाश्रित (alternate वातात्मजार्चित) पाद नामोरलनु विनरादा
आतुरमुग करिराजुनु ब्रोचिन
वासुदेवुडवु (alternate : वासुदेवुडे ) नीवु गदा
ना पाद कामेल्ल पोगोट्टि गड्डिग
ना चेय् बट्टि विडुवग

For notation, click here.


brOchEvArevarurA ninnu vina raghuvarA nanu
nI charaNAmbujamunu nE viDajAla karuNAlavAla

O chaturA nanAdi vandita nIku parAkElanayya
nI charitamu pogaDa lEnu nA
chinta dIrchchi varamulichchi vEgamE


sItApatE nApai nIkabhimAnamu lEdA
vAtAtmajAsrita (alternate: vAtAtmajArchita) pAda nAmoralanu vinarAdA
Aturamuga karirAjunu brOchina
vAsudEvuDavu (alternate: vAsudevuDE) nIvu gadA
nA pAdakamella pOgoTTi gaDDiga
naa  chei baTTi viDuvaga


O Rama, descendent of Raghu, who will save me other than you? O compassionate one, I cannot leave your lotus-like feet.

O Who is worshipped by the four-faced one (Brahma) etc, why are you so aloof sir? I am not competent enough to (assumed sing) your story. Please grant me a remedy quickly.

O Lord of Sita, don’ you have affection for me? O the one at whose feet stays (worships) Hanuman, cannot you hear my pleas? Aren’t you Vasudeva who saved the King of elephants?  (refers to Gajendra moksha). Cleansing me of all sins, will you not hold my hand firmly?



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10 responses to “Brochevarevarura

  1. When GNB performed Brochevarevarura, Mysore Vasudevacharya is supposed to have remarked, “my modest little girl has been bedecked with finery and transformed into a princess”. I don’t think I narrate the anecdote nearly as well as the post I read it off, but hey – Mysore Vasudevachar’s compositions are par excellence and ought to be performed more often.

    • I read that story somewhere too! I found this good link to all of Mysore Vasudevachar’s compositions. I plan to look through the list and see if I can find some performances of the ones I havent heard..

  2. s

    Brochevaraverura ninnu vina raghuvara brochevaravera,nee charanambujamulane vidajala karunalavala…brochevaraverura,O chathurananathi vanditha neeku parakela nayyaa, Nee charitamu pogadleni na chinta teerchi varamulicchi vaga,Seethapathe napai nee neekabimanamu leda, vatatmajarchita pada na moralanu vinarada, Bhasuramuga kari rajunu brocina vasudevudavu neevu kada,Na patakamella pogotti gattiga na cheyi patti viduvaka(Brochevaraverura)
    Meaning: I can’t leave your feet, Oh treasure of mercy.Oh,the oen who is worshipped by the great ones starting from Brahma,why are you so aloof?My diction is inadequate even to praise and sing your story.I am in such a poor state.Plaease clear my worries and grant my wishes and save me.Oh lord of Sita, don’t you have affection towards me? Oh, the one whose feet are worshipped by Hanuman,why don’t you listen to my lamentation?Are not you the Vishnu who gloriouslysaved the elephant King?Cleansing me all my sins,and without leaving it,holding my hand firmly, who will save me,other than you?

  3. Sasi

    I want to learn word by word meaning of the great song

  4. Sri lakshmi Sowmya nallam

    Whenever I listen to this song I feel like I am touching the lord Rama’s foot what a lyric “seetapathi na pai niku abhimanamu leda”.how dis idea came to the poet hatsoff may be I think so I will leave my last breath hearing dis song. Really my favourite forever can’t stop the tears whenever I listen to dis song if I got any trouble I will hear this song I will be peaceful.

  5. V.V.N.Kishore

    This is very useful. Thank you.

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