Ananda Natana Prakasham


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12 responses to “Ananda Natana Prakasham

  1. Ramesh

    This is truly a gem of a post. For some time, I’ve been looking for a simple and cogent answer to “what raga is this”. I am sure that will remain a mystery for a long while to me, but at least I now know the process !! I hadn’t found anybody who could explain it in any comprehensible manner, and here you are …….

    Of course there is a cheat sheet, which is what I use. Look up the internet if you can spot the krithi likeness ! That’s why I am tapping away on my mobile during a kutcheri :) We should salute Dikshitar who very kindly included the raga’s name in his krithi for the ignoramus such as I.

    Surely there is an idea for an app which can from the sound match the raga and pop it up on your screen. Now, that is a project for you !!

    Beautiful raga and a first class piece from MDR you have chosen today.

    • Thank you Ramesh, glad it answered some questions for you :) I had half-written a ‘how to learn to recognize ragas’ page which I have now published and linked to this post. Perhaps you will be interested in following my method in training myself. Good idea for an app :) Actually I read a technical paper on the subject..people are at it already!

      Kedaram and MDR are a great match, aren’t they? Now that I have heard this (about 15 times!), it will be difficult to forget Kedaram..

      Cheers. Suja

  2. S.Narasimha Raj

    “This is truly a gem of a post.”
    Naa nenachche, nee wodaneye shollivitte – Ramesh!! (I thought fo, you immediately said it – Ramesh!). Suja, this ‘post’ is gripping – in its content & construct!! No ‘less matching’ is the short summin-up on the ‘Post’ (as quoted) by Ramesh.
    Well, for all the technicalities of music – the ‘remembering’ & ‘recognizing’ of ‘ragas’, and the uncanny puzzle-soving-sugestions of Suja, I am content in just listening to good music and feeling & being ‘happy the man who can accept the charming emotions of music, without analyzing the charms!’
    Best Wishes.

    • Thank you Raj, as always you are very kind :) Actually it is a much better listening experience if one abandons the thought of puzzling out the raga; the true knowledge of a raga is not in its name, it is in the sense and feel of it. So your way is much better!
      Cheers. Suja

  3. Are there a few more stories hidden in here:

    “bhUsura trisahasra munIshvaram”? “divya patanjali vyAGra pAda/darshita kunchitAbja charaNam”??

    • Exactly, you are on the spot Srinivas! Also interesting to discuss the last line of the song sangIta vAdya vinOda tAnDava jAta bahutara bhEda chOdyam as it can be interpreted differently. The importance of dance & music to our spirituality and their relationship to what this temple represents – Akasha (of the Pancha Bhoota) is worth thinking discussing. Many ideas spring to mind. Perhaps when I write on the songs related to the other Pancha Bhootha sthalams, I will bring it up.
      Cheers. Suja

      • Kedaaram has a nice, long kriti of Tyagaraja in it (O ramA ramaNa…). I heard a Dr.Srikanthan’s rendition of it. It is available on Sangeetapriya. My daughter’s favorite.

        Speaking of Chidambaram, did you listen to “sabhApatikku veru daivam samaanaaagumaa” of Hyderabad Brothers? I think, they sang it – right in the temple premises (Album Chidaanandam)

      • Oh yes, I have heard that kriti though with my ‘weakness’ for Nataraja, I like Ananda Natana Prakasham better. I have not heard Dr Srikanthan’s rendition, I will look for it. As also Sabhapatiku which happens to be a kriti I like a lot. I have not heard Hyderabad brothers’ rendition, I will look for it. Thank you for your recommendations!
        cheers. Suja

  4. N.Saikrishnan

    Excellent write up and please keep writing! I do not have the basic theoretical knowledge of carnatic music. Still I enjoy listening to it for any length of time and as you have rightly put it, the pleasure is enhanced when you can identify the ragam. As a student of science, I follow the typical calibration method- proceeding from the known to the unknown. Like your method, I have certain benchmark krithis in different ragams and when I hear a new song, I compare ( calibrate ) it against my various benchmarks. In more than 90% of the cases, I succeed. The problem arises when the song is in a ragams which are very close to another ( typical examples like Bhairavi/Manji, Valaji/Malayamarudham, Pantuvarali/Poorvikalyani, Sri/madhyamavathi, Abhogi/Sriranjani, udayaravichandrika/Suddadanyasi etc ) where my absence of basic knowledge hampers the progress. I have been writing a blogspot for people like me ( ) and you are welcome to listen to the songs uploaded there. Thanks

    • Hello again Saikrishnan, we untrained music lovers struggle through the same maze isn’t it? :) But its like solving a puzzle when one succeeds, its suck a kick! :) I had a quick look at your site, I will need to explore it in detail once I return home (on a holiday now). I will put a link to your site from mine, we must interest the same kind of readers!
      Cheers, Suja

  5. jay

    Truly interesting. Can you post your mp3 with raga names or provide a link so that we can get the kids to listen to it.? you can send me the link at

    • Sorry Jay for the delayed reply. I am travelling currently and have very infrequent use of the internet. I shall respond when I am back in one of my homes. Cheers, Suja

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