I continue again with my posts on Pancharatna Kritis. For newcomers to my blog, click to find the first and second parts.

Saadinchane is composed in Raga Arabhi in Telugu. In this kriti, Tyagaraja has a rather playful list of complaints against Krishna who, he says, is a deceiver and that he changes his stance according to the situation! True. In Mahabharata, we have Krishna using guile to get his way a number of times. It is interesting that the God we see as the teacher of Dharma, the same God we portray as using non-straightforward means to achieve just ends. In Sadinchane, Tyagaraja also complains that in spite of doing all that is right, God does not come to him! This song paints a very human picture of Tyagaraja.

If you are interested, this site offers lyrics, notation and a short translation. To know more about the raga, click here.

Watch below Sadinchane as sung in the festival at Thiruvaiyaru to celebrate this Saint-poet.


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2 responses to “Saadinchane

  1. Raj

    We went through your site. Very good effort indeed. have you written similar meaning for Kanakanruchira and Endharo?


    • Thank you Rajagoplan for your nice comments. I haven’t yet written on Kanakanaruchira and Endharo. Actually, I dont normally write in any order, whatever I am listening to on a day or which pleases me becomes my subject. That is why I didnt yet complete the Pancharatna Kriti series.but I shall do it soon. If you subscribe to the blog by email or RSS, you’ll get updated when I do 🙂
      Cheers. Suja

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