Carnatic Music Listening

Carnatic Music Forum, Mp3 music, Downloads : Sangeethapriya
Listen to music online : Music India Online
Listen to music online :
Listen to music online : Spotify
Listen to music online :

Recommended Youtube Channels

Bombay Jayashree
Gopalakrishnan TV
Iyer Brothers
Lakshminarayanan NC
MD Ramanathan
Parivadini P
Sanjay Subrahmanyan
Shashank Subramanyam
Art and Artists
Nehal Mehta

Carnatic Music Lyrics

Good source of lyrics in general, some with translation : Karnatik
Good source of Tyagaraja kriti lyrics and translation : Thyagaja Vaibhavam
Good source of Dikshithar kriti lyrics : Guru Guha Vaibhavam
Good source of Shyama Shastri kriti lyrics : Syama Krishna Vaibhavam
Good source of lyrics and notations, especially varnams :
Good source of lyrics in general, with translation : Sahityam
Good source of Papanasam Sivan kriti lyrics : Papansam Sivan Keerthanaigal
Collection of Gopalakrishna Bharati lyrics in Tamil script : Shaivam
Collection of Neelakantha Sivan lyrics in Tamil script : Shaivam
Good source of Oothukadu Venkata Subbaiyer kriti lyrics : Click here

Other good links

Sruti Magazine
Raga Identification
Music Research Library

Indian Movie Blogs which I follow

Cinema Chaat
Lets Talk about Bollywood
Dances on the Footpath
Filmi Geek




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    Other source for lyrics and YouTube video links

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