Indian Classical Music by Composer

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  1. Lakshman

    Re: the song vElum mayilum – The lyrics below are from the book Kanda Ganamudam by S.Rajam who was considered an authority on Kotishvara Iyer’s songs.

    vElu mayilum veTri vElu ,ayilumE. rAgA: sucaritra. rUpaka tALA. Kotishvara Iyer.

    P: vElu mayilum veTri vElu mayilumE evvELaiyilumE vellumE veTri
    A: kAlai mAlaiyumE manamE tUdu kAlan varinumE kandan
    C: citra kavi narkkIran tattait-tavirtta dhIran gajavatra
    vIrabhadra vIrabAhu sOdaran Aru vaTrava shikharan sucaritra
    su-shikharan vicitra kavi kunjaradAsa mitra rucikaran shakti

  2. Subhash Arora

    Hi ,
    I have a quick question. I just started a small business . Can I play this music in the background without paying any fee to ASCAP etc . As mentioned that its in Public domain. I feel and belive it should be free.
    Pls advise .
    Thanks so much in advance.

    • I am not a lawyer and do not know anything about public use of copyrighted material. You need to consult someone with the right knowledge.
      Cheers. Suja

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