Krishna Nee Begane

Krishna with fluteReturning home after ten days of travel, it is with great pleasure that I cook myself a satvik meal of rice, dal and simply cooked vegetables that my body craves while listening to satvik Carnatic music which my soul craves. In my tired state, it is the gentlest sound of this familiar song in lilting Yamuna Kalyani raga that brings me the restfullness that I need.

Come soon and show me your face!’ says Vyasatirtha (1460-1539) to Lord Krishna. He was a great philosopher and saint and was one of the most influential of Dvaita philosophers of Southern India.  Vyasatirtha was the guru of Purandaradasa (1484-1564), the father of Carnatic Music. In this lovely song, he says ‘With anklets on your feet and blue-sapphire bracelets, come dancing to me O blue-skinned one! With a waistband with bells around your waist, with rings on your fingers and your Vyjayanti garland around your neck, come soon! Dressed in saffron silk from Kashi, flute in hand, and body anointed with  sandalwood, come soon!’.

Who is not familiar with this well-loved image of Krishna? In this song, the poet brings to life our beloved Krishna with such exquisite simplicity that as I listen to the music, Krishna’s presence surrounds and permeates my world. To know more about the raga Yamuna Kalyani, click here.

Listen below to Aruna Sairam’s beautiful rendition of this song. She starts with a sloka from Krishna Karnamritam कृष्ण कर्णामृतं by Bilvamangala Swami (14th century).

बहुल चिकुर भारम् बद्ध पिञ्छावतंसम् चपल चपल नेत्रम् चारु बिम्बाधरोष्ठं
मधुर मृदुल हासम् मन्दरोदार लीलम् मृगयति नयनम् मे मुग्ध वेषम् मुरारेः

He who has His luxuriant tresses adorned with peacock feathers, with flashing eyes, with a delicate smile in his charming red lips, with very generous appearance – my eyes search for that Krishna with the youthfully attractive look.

For the lyrics and translation of the song, click here.

For an excellent instrumental version, I have of course chosen the flute. It is played by the superbly talented Maestro Shashank who enchanted me with this beautiful rendition.

I am reminded of the band Colonial Cousin and their fusion piece based on Krishna Nee Begane by a reader. Though in general I am not a fan of fusion, this is particularly well done and well worth a listen. I liked the video as well.



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15 responses to “Krishna Nee Begane

  1. Very beautiful both, especially the flute-version.
    Thanks for the moment of beauty.

  2. Ramesh

    Wonderful song. First time commenting here – love your blog and your music tastes.

    For me the greatest rendition of Krishna nee begane is by Jon Higgins all those years ago –

    • Thank you Ramesh for your visit and your appreciation 🙂 Actually, while I was selecting the song today I listened to Higgins version just yesterday! He was very good, wasn’t he? Especially considering that he was from US. Much to admire, yes.

  3. I was reminded of fusion piece by coliniol cousions. Have you ever heard it?

  4. SM


    I intend to use the Krishne Nee Begane instrumental version for a 3 minute video that I was making. Could you please tell me if it would be a copyright infringement.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello SM, Very evidently I am not the copyright owner of the piece as I am not Mr.Shashank!! Indeed it is a commercial record and owned by the publishers, so using it for any commercial purposes would be unethical if you do not obtain permission from them. My site is not commercial.
      Cheers. Suja

  5. S

    Stumbled upon this post (very well-written by the way, great work!), and couldn’t help being reminded of the timeless rendition of Krishna Nee Begane by Jon Higgins. Definitely the best I have ever heard. You can feel the bhava in his voice and when you close your eyes and listen, it is very difficult not to be moved to tears – especially last line of the last stanza where he caresses the word “jagadOdharaka”. Mesmerizing.

  6. rakesh

    very nice
    please post the original notes of krishna nee begane

  7. Aishwarya

    hi.. simply loved the mesmerizing songs.. Could you plz tell me where to download the version. I would love to use it for my dancing purpose.

    • Hi Aishwarya,
      There is a version of Aruna Sairam’s rendition on youtube : which you can convert online using any of the free tools like Having said that, itunes will permit you to buy just one song as do many other sites so its not expensive. That way you get a better quality for your dancing!
      Cheers. Suja

  8. Aishwarya

    Hi Ms.Suja.. I could get the song from youtube. I am so grateful to you for having me informed. I was wondering where could I get that instrumental too you’ve posted..
    Thanks & Regards

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