Krishna : Channulal Mishra


Have you ever felt that all the electrons in your body have decided to quit their orbits and are madly jumping from cell to cell, creating havoc? That your mind has shattered into so many fragments that you are not whole anymore? In fact, you don’t know what it is that you refer to as ‘I’ ?

There is a cure for you! What you need is music which cajoles all the electrons to their correct orbits, get them whizzing about in perfect synchronisation so that your body feels at peace. You need music which collect all those fragmented bits of your mind and bring them together to form a light, a flame of a lamp, perfect and luminous. And when the music is right, the notes of the music will weave about this flame in a dance, like planes on a formation flying intricate patterns, and in joy this flame will burn brighter and brighter.

You don’t need to sit in Lotus Position to achieve this. Scrubbing the kitchen floor, ironing a mountain of shirts, walking in the fields, long distance driving on quiet roads or lying in a hammock watching patterns in the clouds – all of these are suitable states to be in when listening to this ‘becoming whole again’ kind of music.  Today I offer you just the CD for that.

Channulal Mishra (born 1936) is a Hindustani Classical music maestro with a voice like melted honey.  This CD is my long time favourite and lulls me invariably into a very peaceful state. I recommend listening uninterrupted to the whole album here to get the full benefit of this ‘treatment’. If you have only little time to devote to yourself, then here’s a sample to whet your appetite.


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7 responses to “Krishna : Channulal Mishra

  1. Dhananjayvaidya

    Panditji is avery versatile singer for cllacical music.and a acadamy itself.god bless him.thanks for classical gems from panditjis treasear…,

  2. abhishek

    maharaj ji is a gem for india and a man with endless knowledge. his voice is unmatchable and love and devotion can also be feel by the person who never listens music
    bhagwaan aapko bahut lambi aur swasth aayu pradaan kare ….

    • जी अभिषेक, उनकी आवाज़ में कुछ जादू है, सुब कुछ भूल जातें हैं उनकी गायकी में..
      हमारे ब्लॉग में आने के लिए बहुत शुक्रिया

  3. Ravi

    I’ve been making my way through your various blog posts as I get the time, Suja. Boy, am I glad I kept coming back! I never heard Channulal Mishra before and it would have been a shame to miss such a wonderfully unique voice. Thank you very much, indeed!

    – Ravi

    • Hi Ravi, Isn’t he simply wonderful? I just adore his voice! There are a couple of other posts where I have featured his music, have a listen when you have the time – especially his version of the familiar Carnatic Kriti Vatapi Ganapatim. I am sure you’ll enjoy it very much.
      Cheers. Suja

  4. Ravi

    Indeed I did enjoy Mr. Mishra’s verion of Vatapi, Suja. I probably would have gotten to it in the process of exploring more of your blog, but thanks to your tip, I got there sooner. His interpretation of the Kriti was original and he seemed to be enjoying himself as well which came through in his rendition. I just bought and downloaded his Kabir Album. A fan is born!

    – Ravi

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