The scales of Neelambari (also spelt as Nilambari) are as follows :

Aarohanam (Ascending) : S R2 G3 M1 P D2 P N3 S’
Avarohanam (Descending) : S’ N3 P M1 G3 R2 G3 S

It is a janya raga, derived from Dhirashankarabharanam, 29th of the Melakarta scale.

29 Shankarabharanam

Neelambari is an ancient raga mentioned in old treatises in music. It has vakra-prayogam (zig-zag) in both aarohanam and avarohanam. It is not related to the raga of the same name in Hindustani music. Compositions I enjoy most in Neelambari are Uyyala by Tyagaraja, Amba Nilayatakshi by Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Madhava Mamava by Narayana Teertha and Mani Noopura by Oothukadu Venkatasubbaiyer.

Note : The 12 notes in the octave are named as below. Please note that C is used as Sa for the sake of simplicity as the scale is relative in Carnatic Music. Also note that the scales paint only a superficial picture of the raga as the gamakas(ornamentations) are a very important part of a raga.



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