The scales of Mohanakalyani are as follows :

Aarohanam (Ascending) : S R2 G3 P D2 S’
Avarohanam (Descending) : S’ N3 D2 P M2 G3 R2 S

Mohanakalyani is a janya raga, derived from Mechakalyani, 65th on the Melakarta scale. In essence, it has the scale of Mohanam in ascent and Kalyani (same as Mechakalyani) in descent (see the two scales below), but there are subtle differences of course.  For those who would like to know more, there is an excellent podcast on this raga here.

28-1 Mohanam

65 Kalyani

Though there are not many compositions in this raga, Bhuvaneshvariya and Siddhi Vinayakam by Muthiah Bhagavathar, Tamadam Tagadaiyya by Lalgudi Gopala Iyer and a Thillana in this raga by Lalgudi Jayaraman will be familiar to all Carnatic Music lovers, along with Adinaiye Kanna by Ambujam Krishna, Bhaja Re Manasa by Mysore Vasudevachar and Seve Srikantam by Swati Thirunal.

Note : The 12 notes in the octave are named as below. Please note that C is used as Sa for the sake of simplicity as the scale is relative in Carnatic Music. Also note that the scales paint only a superficial picture of the raga as the gamakas(ornamentations) are a very important part of a raga.


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