A Voice for the Stars

‘Oh no, he has passed away!’ I read the news item with sorrow. I know that he has been in critical care for a while. But it still hits hard. I go about my day but it is there at the back of my thoughts….this passing of a voice which has been so familiar and so dear for so long.

Browsing the internet, I see that ‘Ayiram Nilave Va‘ was one of his earliest songs. Oh! I remember the radio blaring out this song from when I was just a young girl! One doesn’t forget the songs of one’s childhood and youth, does one? I listen to his songs in the background as I read the eulogies which flood the internet. His voice is like velvet, enveloping me in a zone of comfort. What can I say that so many others have not already said? Only that I love his voice, and that I am grateful for the many gems that he has given us over the years. He may be a public figure but I grieve his loss as if it were a personal one. My respects to the great S.P.Balasubrahmanyam.

It is very difficult to choose just one song from his repertoire of more than 40,000 recorded songs. But I have chosen one, a song which appealed from the first time I heard it and still does. More importantly, it features a glimpse of SPB in a role that he has played all his life with such excellence.

Here’s a link to a totally light hearted song in which his singing prowess shines brightly as always. I hope it makes you remember him with a smile just as I do 🙂 Thank you SPB.


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8 responses to “A Voice for the Stars

  1. indigoite

    Very sad. He walked into the hospital more than a month ago, mostly as a precaution. And then it all went downhill.

    We have all grown up with his music. When he sang, the world seemed altogether a better place.

    As the Americans would say, this was the day the music died 😦

  2. பாடும் நிலா இன்று நிலாப்பாட்டாகி விட்டது. அந்த நிலவணிந்த சங்கரனுக்கு அடித்தது யோகம்.

    • எனக்கும் தோன்றியது …எங்கேயோ அவர் பாடி கொண்டுதான் இருக்கிறார்

  3. Abirami

    Thank you for the post. I too remember when Aayiram Nilave Vaa was first hit the airwaves. Adimai Penn movie was a mega hit and the introduction of SPB as a new playback singer was a major news item. Hard to pick just one song as a favourite. RIP.

  4. B C

    Thank you for the post. I too remember the day Aayiram Nilave Vaa first hit the airwaves. I agree – it is hard to pick one favourite song from such an accomplished artiste’s repertoire. Thanks to SPB for his gift of song. RIP.

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