Last Night

Az YetIt was 1996. What a whirlwind my life was in those days! I used to work full time in a demanding field. My children were still young at 10 and 6. It used to feel as if I was always under pressure for time! I would wake early, get prepared for the day, wake and get my children ready for school, get them to before-school-care, get to work before 8 am, rush around all day, pick them up from after-school-care, cook dinner while listening to my children’s stories, get them fed, bathed and in bed before 9pm, clean the dishes and do odd chores before collapsing for the day.

Weekends were equally rushed but in another way. While my husband busied himself in chauffeuring the kids from one sports practice to another, I would clean the house, wash the clothes, go to the grocery store, pay the bills and handle the endless tasks that a household produces. And then there was socialising to do and outings for the kids as well.

I had no time for music.

Sunday mornings were the sole oasis of calm in those years which rushed headlong into each other. The children loved to watch the musical hits countdown show on television while their father or I made some special breakfast for them. Those couple of hours were the only time I heard any music in those days.

So there I was that Sunday morning in 1996, happily mixing my pancake batter, doing a nice little dance move in time to the music while singing loudly along with a song by Az Yet when the sound of the TV was abruptly put off. My two children stood frowningly in front of me.

You can’t sing that song!’ My 1o-year old daughter told me in stern tones.

Why, what happened?’ Puzzled, I looked at both their serious faces. She hesitated, not finding the right words. Then her face cleared.

You probably don’t understand!’ she said kindly ‘but the words are Adults-Only!’. Her six year old brother nodded sagely. ‘This is not for mummies!!’.

Having said her piece, she nodded firmly, and my two guardians-of-decent-motherhood went back to watching their show!

Remembering this incident today, I giggled to myself and went searching in YouTube for the song. How well the young men sing, especially Babyface! What voices! I hesitated over presenting it thinking that my fellow Carnatic Music lovers may not find this much to their taste. But I have such warm associations with this song that it definitely has a place in this blog which I have titled ‘Music to my ears’. It is no doubt a far cry from the deeply spiritual Dikshithar kritis that I presented for Navaratri. But do join me in a little change today.

And yes, I do have an important point to make in presenting this song. Music does not stand in isolation in our lives but instead it weaves a pattern into it. Do you remember your mother’s humming in the kitchen? The treble of your young child’s first nursery rhyme? The song which you listened to while you dreamed of your beloved? All that music, I believe, is as important to our souls as the most deep and meaningful music written by the greatest of composers.

So here are Az Yet with Last Night. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Footnote (Lyrics) :

Last Night,
you were so into it,
you told me secrets that
you’ve never told a soul.
You were so nervous and
yet oh so comfortable
as we explored your image of love.
I drank your wine
as you taste mine.
I kissed your lips,
you felt my body slip
into your soul.
I almost cried ‘cause it was so beautiful.

Last night
I was inside of you.
Last night
while making love to you,
I saw the sun, the moon,
the mountains and the rivers,
I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you.

Last night
there was no planning it.
It was so special and
so very innocent.
We talked of memories,
our favourite fantasies,
as we explored our visions of love.
Deep in the night,
right by the fireside,
You felt my candlelight
in your soul.
You felt incredible
I started to explode.
I almost cried ‘cause it was so beautiful.

Sunlight, red roses,
the scent of you, it calms the heart
The sight of you, I fall apart
Moonlight, the things we notice
When we’re in love, that’s when it comes
And I’m so, I’m so in love.



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3 responses to “Last Night

  1. Ramesh

    Hee Ho Ho. Do 108 thoppukarnams, break 1008 coconuts etc etc for singing lyrics “not meant for mummies” :):):) I wonder what a 10 and 6 year old will say to today’s rap lyrics !

    R&B is not too far from Dikshitar’s kritis, is it ? Now, if you featured heavy metal …. 🙂

    Oh yes – each of us have music with some very special associations. And they may be the most unlikeliest of numbers and mean nothing to anybody else. I’ll offer you one of mine –

    • Oh I know that song – its coming back to me through the mists of time! Eurovision brought out so much talent! Meaningful, is it? Is there a story you would like to share? We would love to hear it if so 🙂
      Cheers. Suja

  2. Ramesh

    Whatever happened to the link I meant to post ?. Trying again

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