Listening to: Gol Maal (1979)

Gol MaalI always fear re-watching old favourites – what if they are not as good as I remembered? Would it not take away the residual pleasure which has lingered over the years? I had seen this film as a young woman, in a theatre in Green Park, New Delhi along with my giggling friends. We had lovely chaat and kulfi-falooda afterwards – oh how it makes me long for those days! It was with trepidation that I sat down to see a film for I did so want it to be good!

And it was more than good!

The most natural of actors, Amol Palekar, is a young man who, for the sake of finding a job, lies about himself. His weird and rather manic boss is the incomparable Utpal Dutt. His daughter, Bindiya Goswami, is Amol’s love interest. Soon one lie adds on to another and Amol not only has to be his own evil twin, he also has to acquire a mother, the wonderful Dina Pathak. Devan Varma, Shubha Khote and David are very good in their small supporting roles. How does it all end? Hrishikesh Mukherjee has made a film which provides a gamut of emotions, from smiles, giggles, guffaws to hysterical laughter. Bindiya is the only weak link in this film, otherwise its a great watch! Highly recommended.

Amol Palekar may be the ‘hero’ but it is Utpal Dutt who is the real lead of the film. When the film finished, I got up in my little living room to bow to this man who makes it all seem to easy. Utpal Dutt is  man of immense talents coming with an illustrious career as actor and playwright in Bengali theatre and film as well as forays into the Hindi film world. His contribution to Indian theatre and cinema is to be lauded. If you want to read more about his career, click here.

As the music is by R.D.Burman and lyrics by Gulzar, one can always expect a certain standard.

  • Gol Maal Hai – R.D. & Sapan Chakravarthy. This very popular title track has a very nice beat and good lyrics. RD has thrown in some harmonies, making it ‘modern’. I was in awe of Amol Palekar’s lip-synching, he does such a wonderful job! The song reminded me of ‘Haal Chaal Thik Thak Hai’ from Mere Apne which has the same mood.  Open-mouthed smile
  • Sapne Mein Dekha Sapna  – Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar. What fun lyrics! Made me smile.  Kishore is great in this genre of song.  Hema, Zeenat and Rekha make brief appearances adding to the fun factor. Smile
  • Aanewala Pal – Kishore Kumar. Lovely song. Beautiful lyrics. Kishore’s voice strumming the strings of my heart. These words really speak to me-

    आनेवाला पल जानेवाला है, हो सके तो इसमें जिंदगी बिता दो
    पल जो ये जानेवाला है
    and also
    थोडा सा हँसा के, थोडा सा रुला के, पल ये भी जानेवाला है
    What’s not to like? Open-mouthed smileRed heart

  • Ek Baat Kahoon – Lata Mangeshkar. After listening to the Lata of the 50’s and 60’s, I did not quite enjoy her voice here. The melody is quite ok but the final effect did not appeal. Disappointed smile

To listen to the whole album, click here.

My selection for today is Kishore’s voice in Aanewala Pal.


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6 responses to “Listening to: Gol Maal (1979)

  1. Srinivas Bhogle

    I know ‘listening to’ is supposed to be this blog’s theme, but ‘looking at’ or ‘seeing’ might describe it even better. Your reviews in the early paragraphs are getting delightfuler and delightfuller.

  2. Thank you Srinivas, it means a lot especially from you, a recognized wordsmith with such a wonderful way to your writing 🙂

  3. Hi Suja – Beth (who loves Bollywood) and now you telling me this film is lovely – How can I resist? I will track down a copy ASAP! I’ve only recently watched Chitchor and really liked Amol Palekar in that. Cheers, Temple

  4. Filmbuff

    Another common thread in our tastes! This is one of my fav HM movies. Yep nothing to beat the memories of watching such good movies and the chat/lassi/faluda that followed with friends – same experience here. aane wala kal is a true KK gem and timeless – i keep playing it on my fav songs list. Utpal Dutt indeed was a great actor. Have u seen him in “Swami”? Rajesh roshan’s music in Swami was melodious – those songs are my fav too esp pal bhar mein yeh kya ho gaya and yadon mein woh sapono mein hain
    Good write up as usual.

    • Thank you, I am glad you liked the write-up 🙂 And thank you indeed for reminding me of Swami, which I had enjoyed very much but remember more for Girish Karnad and Shabana than Utpal Dutt. For some reason the movie has dropped from my memory! I must find a copy and do a post on it. Thank you for reminding me!
      Cheers, Suja

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