Listening to: Semuta


Today I am departing from my usual genre of Indian music and instead I present a video of the band Semuta based in Melbourne, Australia. Their music is young and they call it psychedelic and progressive. What do I know of this kind of music? Frankly, nothing at all! But as my son plays the guitar and provides vocals (as in this song) and my very dear almost-son Sam is the genius behind the keyboard, I am very proud and happy to present their video for your listening pleasure! And if you have young members of your family or friends who like this genre of music, please do pass on this link.

The band performs from time to time in clubs in Melbourne and also in private gigs. If you live in Melbourne and are interested to have them perform for you, they will be pleased to discuss this. Please contact them at

The Song: Mess (When the Ghosts Emerge)

The Band :
Brayden Alden: Video Production & Vocals
Sam Corcoran : Keyboard & Percussion
Jonathon Wiggins : Drums
Mark Doherty : Bass
Anish Modak : Guitar & Vocals



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2 responses to “Listening to: Semuta

  1. nick semuta

    Semuta is my last name. Not very common. Cool.

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