Listening to: Jab We Met (2007)

I am a pushover for Romcoms. There, I’ve said it! I would rather see a nice romcom than an intellectually enlightening or thrillingly action-packed or deeply moving film. Yeah, I’m low-brow, and happily so! It’s true that in the hope of finding a ‘Notting Hill’ or  a ‘For Weddings and a Funeral’, I sit through hours of trashy films. Especially trashy Hindi films as Bollywood churns out many films in this genre. When I do come upon a well-made romcom, its such a thrill !

Jab We Met is one such film. There is a good story line, the lead pair are young and good looking, they act their parts convincingly, the supporting cast is equally good, there are many humourous moments and a few touching ones. And most importantly, there is very good music and a couple of excellent song-and-dance routines. Shahid Kapoor is no doubt one of the best dancers in the business, its a pleasure to watch him move and Kareena is a natural in front of the camera.

The music by Pritam is young and energetic, in keeping with the spirit of the movie. The guest track by Sandeep Shandilya (Aoge Jab Tum) is actually my favourite track in the film, given my weakness for classical music and a deep admiration for Rashid Khan’s voice. The lyrics by Irshad Ali meet the demands of the songs quite adequately.

  • Hum jo chalne lage – Shaan. A lilting tune and Shaan’s gentle voice makes this very pleasant to listen to. Smile
  • Nagada Nagada – Sonu Nigam. A Bhangra number, I start bouncing up and down in my seat every time I listen to it and smile remembering Shahid’s much nicer dance moves. Thank you song for cheering me up every time! Open-mouthed smileRed heart
  • Yeh Ishq Hai – Shreya Ghoshal. Perfectly suited for the character portrayed in the film, the music is good and Shreya sings fabulously. I like the lyrics too.Open-mouthed smile
  • Aoge Jab Tum – Rashid Khan. I was seriously addicted to this song for a while. I think it is fabulous. Rashid Khan’s voice is glorious. I am a Fan!  Lyrics are lovely too. Open-mouthed smileRed heart
  • Tum Se Hi – Mohit Chauhan. Again, the director has chosen the right voice for this song. I am not a Mohit fan but he does sing this well.  Smile
  • Mauja Hi Mauja – Mika Singh. Another Bhangra number, it will have you tapping your feet in no time. Open-mouthed smile

So today I present two songs : Nagada Nagada Baja by Sonu Nigam for the wonderful dancing by Shahid and Kareena and the sheer exuberance of of it all!

And the second song Aoge Jab Tum by Rashid Khan because I love it. See Kareena’s expression at 0:45 secs+ when it changes from pleasurable anticipation, to confusion and bewilderment, to sadness. This young woman has acted very well indeed!


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6 responses to “Listening to: Jab We Met (2007)

  1. Kanwal

    A well chosen film. Thanx. My fav songs are Mauja hi Mauja and Nagada 🙂 Aoge Jab… too is a very nice song ……………….. !

  2. Thank you Kanwal. Well, given that the two songs you mention are from your region, your liking them is no surprise 🙂 They are good, both of them, I love the beat.

  3. Hi Suja ! My favorite is Yeh Ishq Hai. It is inspired by a French song, “être une femme”, by Anggun, but I find it much better than the original !

    • Hi Adeline, Hey..thanks for posting the link for the French song! I didn’t know that Yeh Ishq Hai had been ‘inspired’ by a French song..It does quite well in its Indian version, doesn’t it? 🙂

  4. Hi Suja. I know Pritam is one of the most dedicated , um, recyclers of songs since Bappi Lahiri but I really like this soundtrack. All the songs really worked in terms of furthering the story or showing an insight into the characters. The playback singers were well suited to Shahid and Kareena too. I’m not often a fan of RomComs but I do find good songs will make me more tolerant! Cheers, Temple

    • Hi Temple, ‘recyclers’ hehehehe I like this word 🙂 Hope you dont have copyright 🙂 I do like RomComs but I know what I mean..At times I sit through movies I can’t stand just for the music. Its lovely though when it all comes together – a genre one likes, good story+acting and good music, all in one! Its like a manna from heaven when that happens 🙂

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