A Song for Sharmila’s Dimple

imagesCADH611MI confess, I am a a dimplophile (if such a word doesn’t exist, it should!!). I was always fascinated by Sharmila’s awesome dip-in-cheek, so today’s post is in honour of the said dip.

Now, how can I do justice to her dimple? Let me trawl through memory for all the happy songs (we need a smile here) which have been picturised on her.  I’ll stick to the early and middle phases of her career when she looked her best.

Kashmir Ki Kali (1964), which was her launch in Mumbai, has fantastic music by O.P.Nayyar. The lilting Isharon Isharon mein showcases a very young Sharmila’s beauty.  Anupama (1965), a memorably poetic film, has her in a totally different avatar in the haunting Kuch Dil Ne Kaha, where one catches but fleeting flashes of the dimple.  It is more in evidence in Duniya mein aisa kahan in Dewar (1966). Sharmila and her dimple look super cute in a blue swimsuit saying Ja ja ja in Aasman se aaya farishta, An Evening in Paris (1966). But what in the world is Shammi doing wearing a striped dressing gown hanging from a helicopter? Hiding the middle-aged middle?

In Yakeen (1969), the dimple is flashed while Lata’s voice lulls us in Ghar Tum Bhula na Doge. But why why is Dharmendra holding a gun? I am intrigued…have to see this film!!. And as Rafi’s voice and Rajesh’s eyes make love with Yeh Raat hai Pyaasi Pyaasi in Choti Bahu (1971), the dimple responds with pleasure.  R.D.Burman’s music is  outstanding in Amar Prem (1972), there aren’t superlatives enough to praise it. Fleeting glimpses of the dimple are evident while Lata sings Raina Beeti Jai. Good lyrics by Anand Bakshi too:  तन मन प्यासा अखियों में पानी (mind and body parched, but the eyes are wet) – well written indeed!! I must mention Rajesh Khanna’s sparkling white Dhoti and Kurta which look great on him. Why have citified Indian men discarded this so elegant an attire?

Dimplophiles will have their money’s worth in Ab Chahe Maa Roothe Ya Baba from Daag (1973), where poor Sharmila prances about in a very unflattering costume. Kishore fans will also enjoy the song for he is in good voice indeed!! Bhupinder’s gravelly voice croons Dil Dhoonta Hai phir wahi in Mausam (1973), but its a bit difficult to catch the dimple at work.

I have chosen today’s song for a number of reasons; the dimple looks enchanting, Sharmila and Dharmendra make a glorious looking pair, just seeing the clip had me giggling in memory of the film which was SO much fun…in short, its a true homage to the dimple! Here is Ab Ke Sajan Saawan Mein from Chupke Chupke (1975), sung impressively by Lata Mangeshkar to S.D.Burman’s music. Enjoy! And if you haven’t seen the film..don’t wait!

Ab Ke Sajan Saawan Mein–Lata Mangeshkar

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