A Song for Aamir’s Charm

Aamir Khan is a great actor. There aren’t many who would argue with that statement. Somehow he has mastered that difficult tight-rope walk between critical acclaim and popularity with the masses. How do I find one single song to represent his myriad talents?

It strikes me that Aamir’s persona on screen is David as in David vs Goliath. He plays on his small frame and youthful attitude to give him an added edge in this representation. Repeatedly, he takes on Goliath, whether it be political corruption (Rang de Basanti), prejudice against learning disabilities (Tare Zameen Par), the British Raj (Mangal Pandey) and the education system (3 Idiots). He is the common man who challenges what would defeat the rest of us, and he takes it on not with superhuman behaviour or violence (except in Ghajini) but with persistence, patience and a smile. Which song/film best represents this quality?

This is no easy task. There are so many successful movies with such wonderful music to choose from!  I discard old hits from Qayamat se Qayamat Tak (1988) and Dil (1990) as being too youthful. I consider ‘Jane Kyon Log’ from Dil Chahta Hai (2001) and the lovely Ruth Aa Gayee Re from Earth (1999) but they don’t make the short list. I discard Rang De Basanti (2006) songs as being too westernized..isn’t Aamir’s charm very Indian in every way? I love ‘ Behka’  from Ghajini (2008) but the clip is too ‘MTV’ like; too orchestrated.

The one song which I seriously linger over is ‘Chand Sifarish’ from Fanaa (2006) but my final choice as the one song to represent Aamir is from  Lagaan. The film represents all that is good about Aamir Khan – a boyish charm which has lasted well into his middle-years, great acting ability and a natural flair for dancing. And success. One should not forget success. How it becomes a man!

Album : Lagaan (2001)

Music : A.R.Rahman

Lyrics : Javed Akhtar

Song : Radha Kaise Ne Jale

Singers : Udit Narayan, Asha Bhonsle

I chose this song because the visuals are as lovely as the song and both Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh dance beautifully.

Radha Kaise Ne Jale–Udit Narayan, Asha Bhonsle

Another song from the same film which shares equal honours with the above is ‘ O Re Gori’ sung brilliantly by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. I am particularly impressed by Udit Narayan’s performance in all the songs, he sounds amazing!

O Re Gori–Udir Narayan, Asha Bhonsle


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2 responses to “A Song for Aamir’s Charm

  1. Srinivas Bhogle

    Udit Narayan was supposed to be the *voice* of Aamir Khan after papa kehte hain. These days the connect between the actor and the singer isn’t strong or durable. Partnerships like Mukesh-Raj Kapoor, Rafi-Shammi Kapoor, Kishore Kumar-Rajesh Khanna are a thing of the past.

  2. I agree and I think its rather a pity. The actors in general have a persona which they carry from movie to movie, like for example Amitabh and his ‘Angry young man’. The audience expect new things in films but like the familiarity of the old, so in every film the actors must meet both demands of the audience. And as music is an integral part of our Bollywood films, I think that this familiarity by ‘singing voice’ is an important link from film to film. Good point Srinivas.

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