Music in Mythological Films

I admit it. Indian Mythological films are often made for the lowest common denominator. Their special effects aren’t in the least special. There is a fair bit of melodrama. I watched the excruciatingly slow-moving Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan and though I looked askance at the amateurish way many things were represented, I never thought of giving up.  And recently, when I was sick in bed, I turned to a number of my childhood favourites in Tamil. I cannot be critical of them, even though in certain bits they deserved criticism. When I watch them, I am transported once more in childish delight. So what draws me (and others with the same affliction)? Is it the familiarity of stories learnt from childhood? Is it just our ‘Harry Potter’ – a world of magical powers? Is it a form of piety? No answers…

So to celebrate the power of Mythological films, I present the following song from one of the best in this genre, a beloved & iconic film for Tamil viewers:

Album : Thiruvilayadal (1965)

Music : K.V.Mahadevan

Lyrics : Kannadasan

Song : Pattum Nane Bhavamum Naane

Singer : T.M.Sounderarajan



Pattum Nane–T.M.Sounderarajan


Sivaji Ganesan’s performance in this song makes me understand exactly why he was so well admired.

Below is the equally beloved other song from the same film, sung superbly by Carnatic music stalwart Dr. Balamuralikrishna :

Oru Naal Poduma–Balamuralikrishna


If you want to watch this old Tamil favourite, you can do so here.


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6 responses to “Music in Mythological Films

  1. CNS

    You should look for an old Tamil Film – ”Sampoorna Ramayanam”. A very long movie. To move the story fast many songs were added. They were good too and most certainly popular in those days.

    • Sorry, I somehow missed seeing this until today! Thank you for the recommendation, I shall certainly look for the film. The problem is I live in Switzerland and dont have easy access to Tamil films. Will add to my ever growing list, thank you!
      cheers. Suja

  2. Jagadish

    Kandhan Karunai songs were good too.

    • Thanks for the comment Jagadish. Now I wonder, how can I get hold a copy of this film? I cant recall seeing it in my childhood. I was remembering another film too, on ayyappa – we used to have the LP. Yesudas had sung some nice songs for that film.

    • CNS

      go to you tube & search – Sampoorna Ramayanam 1958 1 and watch part 1 and follow the next part 2 etc.

      Good Luck

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